Old Country Pizzeria a Bonarcado

Assapora la pizza che ci ha reso unici:
Antunna e Casizolu. L’unica, l’originale, solo all’Old Country

APERTO TUTTI I GIORNI, TUTTO L’ANNO (Chiusura: Lunedì) 19:30 – 23:00

Tel: +39 349 72 74 771


Il Punto di Riferimento in Provincia di Oristano per gli Amanti della Pizza

Tel. 349 72 74 771

Orari di Apertura: 19:30 – 23:00

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book online

It’s fast and easy


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Enter your reservation

Enter the requested data precisely. If you have a discount code, you must enter it in the notes


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Wait for confirmation by email

For the reservation to be considered valid, it must be approved. Then you will have to wait for confirmation at the email address provided


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Reservation confirmation

Be sure to enter the Email and phone number data precisely. From the moment you receive our confirmation email, the booking can be considered accepted. We will contact you at the telephone number provided for immediate adjustments or doubts about the reservation.




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✔ The booking confirmation will arrive at the e-mail address entered, we might need the telephone for important communications on the reservation, so we recommend you to enter them precisely.

✔ For immediate boking it is best to contact us by phone.

✔ If you have a discount bonus, you must enter it in the notes.

✔ Once the booking has been sent, you will receive an email, if you do not see it check the SPAM and the promotions tab. If you haven’t received it, please try sending a new reservation.

✔ Online bookings made after 7.00 pm and referring to the same day may not be accepted.

✔ In order to avoid double bookings (for example if a booking is made via the web, and at a later time is made by telephone, or vice versa), it is necessary to notify us as soon as possible. Or if the booking was made by a person of the same group.

✔ Notify us as soon as possible of any change in the number of people or cancellation of the reservation.

✔ Communicate if you wish to change the position of the table with respect to what was indicated at the time of booking.

✔ Contact us by phone for special requests.







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