We are in Bonarcado in the industrial area, which is located at the entrance to the town.

The place is:
20 km from Oristano.

10 km from Tramatza – exit SS 131
9 km from Paulilatino- uscita SS 131

7 km from Santu Lussurgiu

Frequent questions

Is it necessary to book?

We advise you to book before going to the restaurant for two main reasons:
✔to allow us a better organization of the service;
✔to be able to reserve the best table without the risk of arriving and not finding free tables.

When is the closing day?

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, the closing day is Monday except for public holidays and pre-holidays.

How to contact you?

To contact us you can use the contact details below.

Tel: 0783 56259 – 349 7274771


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